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Our mission is to have every child at Wellington Elementary represented in the PTA. If you have been considering joining, please join today and help make our mission possible! Even if you do not have a lot of time to give, just joining shows your support.

The larger our group, the stronger our voice!



Wellington Winter Wonderland - December 18, 2014

Our winter party this year is a group party by grade level. Each grade will have fun in the cafeteria for snacks and craft and in the gym for some winter games. Volunteer elves have been busy planning and gathering items for the big day. We need your help! Please click on the link for your child’s grade below to sign up to help at the party and/or bring an item to contribute to the party.


Party Schedule:

5th Grade – 8:40-9:30

4th Grade – 9:40-10:30

3rd Grade – 10:40-11:30

2nd Grade – 11:40-12:30

1st Grade – 12:40-1:30

Kindergarten – 1:40-2:30


Links to sign up to help:

5th Grade –

4th Grade –

3rd Grade –

2nd Grade –

1st Grade –

Kindergarten –


Additional information:

We have a lot of kiddos with siblings. For the safety of everyone, we ask that strollers be left in the hallway by the office and that siblings not participate in the games. Younger siblings can get run over and hurt by bigger kids. We also encourage parents who are bringing little ones to also bring an activity for them to do during the craft and a snack for them to have during snack. We have budgeted enough for our Wellington students to have snack/craft during their party and would hate for someone to miss out. Thank you for your understanding.

The snack for the party will be popcorn from Lone Star Popcorn that is peanut free, snowman pieces (Skittles) and melted snowman to drink (mini water bottle). If your child has any allergies or aversions to the snack, please feel free to provide an alternate.

If you have any questions, please contact Azure Reetz at